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    - tell me, whats your biggest health or fitness challenge right now?  





    Daniel is real, raw and amazing at what he does.







    Thank you for the massage Daniel Lyttle! 10/10.


    I appreciate you scheduling me in with the short notice.


    Thanks to your help I can now continue my 10 week weight loss / fitness challenge.

    Yana Wood

    We found Daniel by googling "best personal trainer in Brisbane." And we were not disappointed - he is getting me to do things I never thought I could, even when I was younger.


    We've been training with Daniel since November, as a couple, Francois and I.


    Francois is reclaiming the muscles he had when I met him....


    30 years ago, and I am losing inches, aches and pains, and gaining strength and confidence in what my body can do.


    If you are thinking of signing up, don't hesitate. Daniel knows what he is doing.


    Van Der Walt

    Weight loss is a very personalised journey that needs individual adaptation to be the most successful.


    Yes, 80% of your journey will be similar to others and science based - after all, good food is good food.


    But then the last 20% is an art - customising to your strengths, weaknesses, loves, hates, needs, and history. 


    This is where an amazing Coach or Therapist will deliver next level results


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